New Year Reflections

Happy New Year! I’ve been slowly getting back to work after the holiday break. Tell me, does anyone else find Christmas and New Years to be particularly exhausting? At some point, I inevitably end up on the couch binge watching a new show, which seems to be my version of hibernation. Still, I have been relishing the gradual return of the light since Solstice. In celebration, I have an exciting micro-collection of sweaters to share with you:

As you can see, these beauties are reflective! The fruits of a recent collaboration with Vespertine NYC, they feature recycled cashmere and wool sweaters paired with merino wool/3M Scotchlite reflective yarn knit remnants.

I’ve long admired Vespertine’s sleek and beautiful Haute Réflecture® reflective wear, and was lucky enough to meet the owner/designer, Sarah Canner, at last year’s New England Builders’ Ball. When she contacted me about using some knit remnants leftover from Vespertine’s manufacturing process, I leapt at the chance!

Highland coat, wool, cashmere, and reflective piping, my first foray into reflective detailing.

Highland coat, wool, cashmere, and reflective piping, my first foray into reflective detailing.

Working on these sweaters has been an interesting challenge. As an avid cyclist and pedestrian who recently relocated from a small village to a large city, safety and visibility have been on my mind. Before meeting Sarah, I had already been experimenting with adding reflective piping to some of my sweater and coat designs, so the opportunity to work with knits that already had reflective yarn woven into them was irresistible! Ironically, perhaps, the resulting collection is darker and moodier than my previous designs, but I think they capture the feel of the urban landscape, as well as the time of year, perfectly.

I am still sewing my way through these remnants, and have some smaller accessories in the works. As more pieces become available, I will post on my facebook page and instagram. Please consider liking my page/following me if you haven’t already, I’d hate for you to miss any updates!